Easy Communication

TextMyGov simplifies communication between the city and its residents. By texting “HI” to (956) 666-7717, residents can easily initiate contact with city officials. This means they can ask questions, seek information, or report issues without the need for phone calls, emails, or in-person visits.

Stay Informed

Residents can use TextMyGov to stay updated about anything related to the city. By texting “HI” to the provided number, they can receive important announcements, news, and information about events, services, or initiatives happening in San Juan. This keeps residents informed about developments that may impact their lives.

Report Issues

Reporting issues or concerns to the city is made straightforward through TextMyGov. Residents can simply send a text message to (956) 666-7717 to report any problems they encounter, whether it’s related to infrastructure issues, public safety concerns, or any other city-related matter. This streamlines the process of reporting and addressing problems promptly.

Text Message Alerts

TextMyGov offers residents the option to receive text message alerts directly to their phones. By texting “SANJUAN” to 91896, residents can opt in to receive alerts on various topics, such as emergency notifications, weather updates, road closures, or citywide events. This ensures that residents are well-informed and can take appropriate actions when necessary.