Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection Services

Keeping San Juan Clean: Your Garbage and Brush Schedule

Welcome to the heart of San Juan’s cleanliness! We’ve organized our city into four convenient quadrants to ensure efficient garbage and brush pickup:

🌟 Quadrant 1 – Southwest: Garbage Pickup on Tuesdays.

  • This is your day to put out those cans! Make sure they’re on the curb, ready to go.

🌟 Quadrant 2 – Southeast: Garbage pickup on Thursdays.

  • Thursdays are your day for a spotless neighborhood. Get those cans out!

🌟 Quadrant 3 – Northeast: Garbage Pickup on Wednesdays.

  • Your midweek cleanup crew is here. Place your cans by the curb.

🌟 Quadrant 4 – Northwest: Garbage Pickup on Mondays.

  • Start your week fresh and clean. Your cans should be waiting on the curb.

A Friendly Reminder: To ensure timely pickup, please place your garbage cans unobstructed on the curb. If we encounter obstructions or if cans aren’t at the curb, we won’t be able to pick them up. But don’t worry, they can still be collected – at the owner’s expense.

Join us in maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of San Juan. Let’s work together for a cleaner, greener city!” 🏡🗑️🌳

“Warning: To prevent tragic accidents, exercise caution and supervise your children around city trash trucks at all times.”

Brush & Debris Services

Easement & Alleyway Cleanup

Our dedicated crews tirelessly crisscross our town, ensuring that easements and alleyways remain pristine and inviting. With meticulous attention to detail, we’re committed to keeping every corner of our community clean and accessible for all

Brush Pickup

Experience the efficiency of our Brush and Debris Pickup service, powered by our mighty claw machine. Simply stack your brush and debris neatly by the curb, and our trusty claw will make quick work of it, leaving your property clean and tidy.

Auxiliary Collection Sites

Mark your calendars for our Neighborhood Cleanup Days, where residents can conveniently dispose of items like couches, mattresses, stoves, and refrigerators. It’s our way of helping you declutter responsibly, so stay tuned for the dates and locations.

Placement of Brush and Bulky Items

Brush and bulky items may be set out beginning on the Thursday prior to your collection week through Sunday prior to your collection week (please see the My Schedule app below to find your week). Materials must be placed at the curb by 7:00 A.M. the Monday of the pickup week.

  • Brush and bulky items must be placed just behind the curb line in front of your home.
  • Do not place on the side of your home, in an alleyway, or on property across from or adjacent to your home.
  • Do not place in the street, on the sidewalk, or in any manner that will interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic or with solid waste collection service
  • Do not place within 5 feet of a roll cart, mailbox, fence or wall, water meter, telephone connection box, parked cars, fire hydrant, utility pole, or traffic sign
  • Do not place under low hanging tree limbs or power lines, in an alley, or in front of a vacant lot or busines

Transfer Station

Transfer Site

Corner of South San Antonio Ave & Hall Acres 

Hours of Operation: 

Monday – Friday: 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. 

Saturday 8 A.M. – 12 P.M.

Items Not Accepted

Household Garbage

Regular household garbage will be collected from the green/gray cart on your regular collection day.

Bottles, Cans, Cardboard or Paper Recyclables

Recyclables will be collected from the blue cart on your regular collection day.

Concrete, Plaster, Lumber, Dirt, Rocks or Other Construction/Demolition Debris

Customers can self haul to Transfer Site.

Automobile Parts & Tires

Parts or machinery containing gasoline may be taken to a hazardous waste collection facility  Parts or machinery not containing chemical products may be disposed of at a scrap yard.

Customers may dispose of up to six (6) tires (not exceeding 25 inches in diameter) at a transfer station.


  • Customers can call for information on Household Hazardous Waste disposal.

Oversized Items

  • These items are collected on a limited case by case basis.

Hazardous Waste – Such As Paints, Pesticides, Chemicals & Cleaning Agents

  • Customers can call for information on Household Hazardous Waste disposal.

Recycling Services

Pickup Calendar

Stay in sync with our Eco-friendly mission! Our Recycling Pickup Calendar outlines the scheduled days for collecting paper, cardboard, plastics, newspapers, and aluminum cans from your blue bin. By adhering to this calendar, you’re playing a vital role in our community’s sustainability efforts. Together, we’re making every day a greener day

Recyclable Items

Make a green choice by recycling certain items in your blue bin – paper, cardboard, plastics, newspapers, and aluminum cans. To join our eco-friendly mission, check the calendar for pickup days and remember to have your containers out by 7 am. Together, we’re making a big impact, one blue bin at a time

New Location

Recycling made easy! Visit our new recycling location at the transfer site, where you can drop off recyclables conveniently. Join us in reducing waste and preserving our environment. Together, we’re taking steps towards a greener future.