Fostering Safety and Knowledge

San Juan Fire Department Engages Elementary Schools for Fire Prevention Week!

The San Juan Fire Department’s commitment to safety shines as they visit local elementary schools during Fire Prevention Week, imparting essential knowledge and fostering a culture of preparedness among our community’s youngest members.

To schedule a fire safety presentation fill out the Presentation Request Form; give two weeks in advance to get prepared accordingly to grade level and type of presentation. 

Safeguarding Our Community

As the Chief of the Fire Department and Emergency Management, my responsibilities encompass strategic planning, resource allocation, personnel management, and coordination of emergency response efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

Fire Chief Tirso Garza

Tirso Garza

Fire Chief


Carlos Alaniz

Carlos Alaniz

Assistant Chief

As an Assistant Fire Chief, I support the Fire Chief in managing daily operations, overseeing emergency responses, and guiding our dedicated team to maintain the highest standards of preparedness and safety.

Derek Cantu

Fire Marshal

My goal is to ensure public safety by overseeing fire prevention measures, conducting inspections, and coordinating emergency response efforts to protect the community from fire hazards and incidents.

Sandra Guajardo

Sandra Guajardo

Admin. Assistant

I am dedicated to ensuring seamless coordination, managing essential documentation, and facilitating efficient communication to support the department’s operational effectiveness and community service.

Jose J. Salinas

Fire Inspector

My role as a fire inspector involves ensuring compliance with fire codes, identifying potential hazards, and promoting fire safety measures to safeguard our community.

                       Team A Shift

Javier De La Cruz


I lead and supervise a team of firefighters, ensuring seamless coordination and efficient deployment of resources to handle emergency incidents, contributing to the overall safety.

Oscar Escamilla

Driver Engineer

My responsibility is to expertly operate and maintain firefighting vehicles, ensuring their readiness and navigating them to emergency scenes.

Victor Sanchez


My role involves swift response to emergency calls, active engagement in fire suppression efforts, and commitment to ensuring the safety of our community.

Javier Garcia


I am an expert in structural firefighting, ensuring the stability and safety of buildings during fires to minimize property damage and protect lives.

Aaron K. Rosales


I meticulously inspect and service our firefighting apparatus to ensure they are in top-notch condition for rapid response to emergencies.

David L. Gonzalez


I am trained to swiftly assess and manage scenes, ensuring the safety of those involved, and collaborating with paramedics for efficient medical assistance.

Joaquin Edmundo Garza III


I am committed to swiftly assessing and managing scenes to ensure the safety of all individuals involved.

Romeo Julian Anciso


I am focused on promptly evaluating and addressing situations, placing the safety of everyone at the forefront of my actions.

                       Team B Shift

Javier Mata

Acting Lieutenant

I step into a leadership role when required, overseeing operations in the absence of a Lieutenant and maintaining effective command structures.

Neikolez Garza

Driver Engineer / EMT

I am the go-to firefighter for comprehensive incident coordination, where I seamlessly integrate firefighting strategies, rescue operations, and community outreach to minimize the overall impact of emergencies

Michael Bazan

Driver Engineer/ EMT

I am responsible for safely navigating our firefighting apparatus through the city streets, ensuring a swift and secure arrival at the scene of auto accidents and burning buildings.

Adam Foster


I am a multifaceted firefighter specializing in incident command, where I coordinate various aspects, from swift fire suppression to minimizing property damage and ensuring the safety of all involved.

Jose Luis Bravo Jr.

Firefighter / EMT

I have a passion for continuous improvement, dedicated to honing my skills through rigorous training, embracing challenges, and striving to be a valuable asset to the firefighting team

Elizabeth Saenz


I am on a mission to excel, approaching each task with enthusiasm, soaking up the expertise around me, and dedicating myself to continuous learning for the betterment of our firefighting capabilities.

Jacob Lee Simmons


I embrace every opportunity to enhance my firefighting skills, adapt to various scenarios, and develop into a well-rounded and dependable member of the firefighting team.

                       Team C Shift

Rudy Muñiz


I lead my team with precision and expertise to manage firefighting efforts, prioritize life-saving measures, and ensure the safety of both residents and fellow firefighters.

Anthony M. Garza

Driver Engineer

I am a driver engineer with a focus on pump operations, efficiently managing water supply during firefighting efforts, ensuring a continuous and reliable flow for extinguishing flames, and handling auto accident rescue operations.

Rodolfo Campos


I am skilled in incident management, fire suppression, and search and rescue operations, striving to minimize the impact of emergencies on both the community and the environment.

Juan Montañez Jr.


I am an auto accident triage expert, coordinating with emergency medical services to assess and prioritize injuries, ensuring a seamless and effective response to vehicular incidents

Diego Carrillo


I am a versatile firefighter and EMT specializing in rapid response strategies, focusing on extinguishing fires swiftly, preventing property loss, and prioritizing life-saving measures to safeguard the well-being of our community.

Jose E Medina


I am an EMT firefighter dedicated to providing swift and proficient emergency medical services, ensuring the health and well-being of the residents of San Juan with compassion and expertise.