Public Works


There will be a road closure on S San Antonio Ave from Business 83 to W 8th St. today until 5:30 pm for road paving.

Streets & Alleyways

Department employees are trained to handle road types of repair saving taxpayers money by avoiding outside contractor services.

  • Street Sweeping/cleaning is done on a regular basis throughout the town by using the two street sweeper machines to keep streets clean and free from debris.

  • Maintenance of street signs repair or replacement of these include stop signs, speed limit signs, and most of the other signs that you might see throughout the town including street name signs.

  • Pothole repair of streets is done by our own department workers using equipment purchased by the city to again save money. This ongoing project allows workers to crack seal streets when they are severely cracked.

  • Mosquito Elimination is regularly done throughout the city with multiple city-owned fogger vehicles. The mosquito spraying schedule is posted regularly on social media.

Mosquito Elimination

Neighborhood Cleanup