Boards & Committees

Would you like to join a Board or Committee?

Application forms for all boards, commissions, and committees can be obtained from the City Secretary’s Office, City Hall, 709 S. Nebraska. The application is also available online at the button to complete and submit.

Board of Adjustment of Appeals

The Zoning Board of Adjustment and Appeals is a quasi-judicial board that entertain variances to the city’s zoning ordinance. Their decisions are final.

  • Irma C. Castillo

  • Eduardo Alaniz

  • Adan Magallan

  • Elisa Yzaguirre

  • VIctor Perez Jr.

  • Valerie Cardenas

  • Cesar Cantu

Civil Service Board

  • Eric Sanchez, Chairman

  • Juan Jose Vasquez, Vice-Chairman

  • David Alvarado, Commissioner

Library Board

  • Maria E. Ayala

  • Maria A. Navarro

  • Celina Hoglund

  • Jorge Rodea

  • Elizabeth Saldana

  • Iris Lara

  • Nadia Baughman

  • Commissioner Adina “Dina” Santillan, “Liaison

Parks & Recreation Advisory Board

The overall purposes of the board are to provide liaison between the community and the department of parks & recreation regarding community recreational facilities and services, needs and desires, and recreation programming. Review the department operations and maintenance budget and advise the director of the board’s suggestions regarding priority programs. Promote public awareness of the public recreational facilities and services provided by the City and stimulate community participation in those programs. *Review operational policies for the various park facilities and recommend new or revised policies as circumstances change.

  • Mark Alaniz – Chairman

  • Dr. Stephanie Alvarez – Co-Chair

  • Claudia Alvarado – Treasurer

  • Robert Williamson

  • Erica L. Lopez

  • Rick Martinez

Planning & Zoning Board

The Planning and Zoning Commission is charged with submitting reports, plans, and recommendations to the City Commission for the orderly growth, development and welfare of the City. They review and make recommendations on zoning change requests, conditional use permits, special use permits, subdivision plats and variances to the subdivision ordinance.

  • Irma Castillo, Chairwoman

  • Eddie Alaniz, Vice-Chairman

  • Cesar Cantu

  • Eliza Yzaguirre

  • Adan Magallan

  • Valerie Cardenas

  • Victor Perez Jr

  • Benjamin Arjona, Ex-Oficio

EDC Board

The purpose of the SJEDC is to promote, encourage, and enhance the creation of jobs in San Juan through projects which assist in retention and expansion of existing local business and industry, attract new businesses and industries by assisting in their development and growth in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and The Act.

  • Arturo Guajardo, President

  • Leonardo “Lenny” Sanchez, Vice- President

  • Pedro Contreras, Secretary

  • Roman Candelario Flores, Member

  • Ernesto “Neto” Guajardo, Member

  • Marco “Markie” Villegas, Member

  • Nickie Ybarra, Member

San Juan Housing Authority Board

  • Ruben Navarro

  • Ignacio Almaguer

  • Pete Garcia

  • Melisa Gonzales

  • Alfredo Tevino

Keep San Juan Beautiful Board

  • Jennifer Villarreal, President

  • Homero Villarreal, Vice-President

  • Monica Leal, Secretary

  • Yvonne Lopez, Member

  • Rubio Muniz, Member

  • Mayor Mario Garza, Ex-Oficio